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We can never predict electrical emergencies. You’re likely to be having a difficult day if you are searching online for something like an emergency electrician near me. Maybe you noticed smoke or a burning smell coming from one of your electrical outlets. Perhaps one spit out sparks when you tried to plug something in. Or did you lose power and when you restart your circuit breaker, it didn’t work? Whatever the particular problem, recognizing that you require prompt assistance is a considerable step forward.

If you are in the middle of an electrical emergency and don’t want to read the rest of this page just call us now using the number below to contact us.

If you have an electrical fire burning at this very moment. DO NOT call us! Call 911 right now!

In your home or at the office, electrical emergencies are often much more than an inconvenience. These situations can even be life-threatening. Some of the common signs of an electrical emergency you should know about are.


A Buzzing or Humming Sound in Breaker Box

In general, a slight humming is normal from a breaker box, as electrical current flows through it. Nevertheless, if you continue to hear loud buzzing or humming, address it quickly as this may mean an overloaded circuit breaker. An overload heats the circuit wiring, resulting in a potentially life-threatening fire.

Unidentified Burning Smell

Is the smell persistent, or does it come and go? Are your smoke detectors being set off? See if you can locate the source by checking your appliances, all your outlets, and your breaker box. If there is an unidentified odor, it may well be an electrical hazard, especially if you smell burning plastic.

Circuit Breaker Keeps Tripping Repeatedly

There are a few reasons why a circuit breaker keeps tripping, including:

  • There is a problem with the circuit breaker box;
  • The circuit breaker box cannot handle a circuit overload;
  • There is a ground fault, in other words, a hot wire touches the ground, and;
  • It indicates that an appliance or wire has a short circuit, or that the electrical flow has been diverted from its intended path.

Lights Continuously Flicker

It’s most likely a minor issue with your lightbulb or faulty switch that causes your lights to flicker. When they flicker persistently, this indicates a more serious problem, such as a circuit overload, excessive voltage, or loose wiring. These are dangerous and should be inspected immediately.

Smoke Coming from an Outlet

When debris accumulates inside outlets, this can present a problem. Electricity is transferred to the dust and/or dirt, which results in arcing. As arcing produces heat, it is an immediate indicator that there is an electrical emergency that may result in a fire. Wiring issues, loose plug connections, and connecting too many devices to one outlet may also cause outlets to smoke.

Someone Received an Electrical Shock

There are many situations in which one can experience an electrical shock, including:

  • Old outlets with two prongs and no ground wire as a safety barrier;
  • An outlet or switch that has loose screws or wiring can cause electrical current to fluctuate;
  • Electrical appliances that arc or shock you when you plug them in, including frayed or broken wires;
  • Water sources near electrical outlets, or moist hands touching outlets.

If it’s a once-off electric shock and it never happened again it can generally be ignored. But, it’s still a better idea to speak to an electrician. On the other hand, if the shocks take place on a regular basis then you want to speak to an electrician ASAP.

Loss of Power

It’s normal to experience loss of power from storms or when everyone in the area loses power due to a problem with the electrical company. Nevertheless, when you are the only one without power in your area, and you’ve paid your monthly bill, it might be a breaker box problem that needs an immediate diagnosis. Or something else, especially if you heard a loud bang or you saw sparks come from an outlet.

Wet Electrical Panel

Water and electricity mixed together creates the risk of electrocution. You may experience water leakage in your electrical panel through an insufficient seal on the box or through the cables of an old meter box that lead into the panel. Eventually, corrosion will happen and it will ruin multiple parts of your electrical panel and circuits, causing more heat to be produced, which can also become a fire hazard.

An Electrical Fire Occurred

Fires that are actively burning need to be extinguished immediately, so call 911 and get the fire put out. Stop reading. Call 911 right now if you have a fire.

In the event that your home or business is no longer under immediate threat, contact your local electrician. Initially, we will diagnose the fire source before performing repairs and putting preventative measures in place or replacing the system if it has been damaged beyond repair. We work in conjunction with restoration companies that deal with the fire damage in these situations.


No matter how often you schedule electrical inspections, sometimes hazardous situations can occur without warning. In that case, you will need a repair team that arrives promptly, assesses thoroughly, and repairs quickly. Fortunately, Two Brothers Electrical will take care of that for you. These are just a few of the services we offer, both for residential and commercial customers.

Circuit Breakers

An electrical circuit breaker’s primary function is to distribute and manage power efficiently. When you add more devices, the more strain your breaker has to endure. The following problems can be prevented by updating circuit breakers, whether they are repaired or replaced:

  • Power surges
  • Power interruptions
  • Broken connections
  • Electrical fires

Ceiling Fan Repair

You can trust our professionals to repair any ceiling fan that is not circulating air as it should, is making noises, or is shaking unsteadily. It’s our job to make sure the switches and controls work properly. We can even help you create separate switches for your light and fan. When replacing a ceiling fan, we can help you determine which type of fan best suits your home and your budget.

Smoke Detector Repair

Every five years, it is recommended that you replace your smoke detector, and in the event of an emergency, have a battery backup hardwired. As one of the most critical components of your home’s security system, it is imperative that you employ a company whose technicians are adept at conducting flawless repairs and understand when an entire replacement is required.

Electrical Switches & Outlet Repair

Does your outlet have two prongs, or are you having trouble holding the plug? Is there a spark when you plug and unplug your devices? Have you used an oversized plug for another country that you’ve had to force into the outlet and you can see visible damage to the outlet?

All of these are indicators that the safety of your home and family is at risk and that you should have them repaired or replaced. Furthermore, if there are outlets in bathrooms, kitchens, or outdoor areas that do not have test and reset buttons, you should replace them to prevent electric shocks.

Electrical Panels Repair

A malfunctioning electrical panel is a complex system that can be difficult to diagnose without the assistance of a professional electrician. Among the signs of an electrical panel emergency are:

  • Not working or not working well appliances
  • Lights that flicker constantly
  • Continuously tripping breakers
  • Noises such as crackling or buzzing in the breakers

Faulty Interior and Exterior Wiring Repair

Keeping your home or business’ infrastructure up to date with the ever-expanding suite of electrical devices is essential to maintaining a safe system that won’t overload. Our team can undertake wiring repair services such as:

  • Hot tub & pool wiring
  • Aluminum wiring replacement
  • Computer and data wiring
  • Entertainment center wiring
  • Faulty wiring diagnosis
  • Pretty much any wiring issues.

Fault Location and Repair

Whenever an electric current flow is abnormal, it is called a fault. Briefly, there are two types of faults: Short circuits and open circuits. They are further divided into symmetrical and asymmetrical faults. Locating the source of a fault and performing the correct repair are key to preventing further damages, hazards, and power outages.

To find out more about our emergency electrical services, contact us immediately.


Before electrical emergencies happen, it is possible to prevent them with proper electrical installation services. Our licensed technicians can perform routine maintenance in your home or building to reduce the likelihood of electrical problems. Ensure the electrical power is balanced and that the wires are updated and intact to maintain the safety of an electrical system.

Our company provides a variety of electrical services, including wiring, panel upgrades, etc. Updating your electrical system and replacing old systems can save you from injury and financial loss.

Why Two Brothers Electrical for your Electrical Emergency Needs?

In order to safely resolve electrical emergency problems, you’ll need an electrician with experience solving hazardous situations. In addition to this, a certified professional will also carry insurance in case of an accident. Furthermore, Two Brothers Electrical electricians are equipped with all the necessary tools and equipment to ensure a proper repair is carried out without causing any further damage.

You cannot afford to waste any time when dealing with an electrical emergency. Therefore, Two Brothers Electrical provides 24-hour emergency electrical services, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We have highly qualified commercial electricians and residential who can provide fast, safe, and durable repairs as soon as you need them. Feel free to contact us at any time if you require electrical emergency services.

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