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The electrical panel in your home is the central hub for all of the electricity in your house. It distributes power to each outlet, light fixture, and appliance throughout your property. Over time it can become outdated and may even be unsafe due to its age. Installing a new electrical panel is one of the most cost-effective ways to bring life back into an aging home. However, the average person doesn’t think about upgrading their electrical system until there’s a problem – but these upgrades should be done beforehand as part of proactive maintenance. And if that’s why you’re here. Good job on looking after your home!

What is an Electrical Panel Upgrade?

Electrical panels are the brains of your home. And sometimes they are called a load center, main switch, breaker panel, or even a distribution board. They are all the same thing. The panel helps you regulate all of that electricity flowing through those wires and circuits, so it can be safely distributed to devices in need like refrigerators or air conditioning units for when summertime rolls around again! A panel upgrade will make sure everything works right at peak performance – no more worrying about buzzing lights or strange noises from blown fuses.

Why Do I Need an Electrical Panel Upgrade?

In most cases, people assume that when they buy a house its electrical panel will last just as long as their new home does – but there’s always the chance things can go wrong.

  • The connection can get weaker as time goes by.
  • Prolonged use may affect performance.
  • The board may rust or rust if the breaker is in a damn place.
  • Dust build-up can also cause issues.

The above list is generally what you can’t control. Below are things that you may have noticed taking place in your property and it means it’s time to upgrade.

Electrical Shocks – If you’re experiencing small shocks and tingling, the wiring is most likely faulty or was improperly connected. If this is the case, there’s a danger of electrical leakage when you touch the switch or outlet.

Burning Odors or Sparks – Sparks are not unusual, but large or recurring sparks might indicate faulty wiring or a broken circuit. Also, watch for warm or discolored outlets. Whether the problem is due to faulty wiring or an overburdened circuit, you’ll want to consult with an electrician about this.

Dimmed Light When Using Other Appliances – This is an indication that your electrical system isn’t capable of meeting your demands. In essence, an overloaded circuit is sending electricity from other components of the home to the appliances to satisfy the demand.

Breakers Frequently Tripping – Because they’re overloaded or outdated, circuit breakers trip. In older panels, you may hear crackling noises. This is an obvious indication that your electrical panel should be updated.

Using Too Many Power Strips & Extension Cords – The most common symptom is a heavy dependence on extension cords and power strips to supply electricity to everything in your house. You can install additional circuits and outlets throughout your property by upgrading your panel, which will help you avoid fire risks associated with using too many power strips and extension cords.

Old Panel – When a panel is 25-40 years old, it’s time for an update.

An electrical panel upgrade will also give you the power to do things in your home that were impossible before. For instance, an electrical upgrade can be used for all sorts of new technology and appliances. If you had an old panel and wanted to install a hot tub or an EV car charger for example. You might not be able to do it without a panel upgrade as you don’t have enough electricity running into your home.

What Are The Benefits of Upgrading Your Electrical Panel

Homes that were built before 2000 that are 20 years or older generally still operate at a lower current (60-100 amps), but newer homes run on higher currents. This is because the demand for energy in modern appliances has increased. This means you need to update if you want your house’s electrical system up-to-date with new technology! 200 amps breakers are the most common these days.

It’s also a safety factor. To keep your home safe from potential electrical hazards, you must take care of an old panel. A broken panel can cause fires or other very serious issues. The safety of you and your family shouldn’t be put at risk from an old and faulty panel.

The other benefits of upgrading your home’s electrical panel are significant. With a more efficient system, you will not only save money on power bills but also have peace of mind knowing that the whole house isn’t in danger from an electronically triggered fire. Not only that but you will be able to use the new appliances that you couldn’t use before. Or if you were having issues with the power going out and won’t be installing new major appliances you’ll have peace of mind knowing that the power will be steady and always there when you need it.

Also, a new electrical panel, among other benefits, improves the value of your home when selling it. It allows you to add more appliances and better protects expensive electronic equipment. Instead of leaving this burden on the new homeowner, hence the added value to your home.

What To Expect With Our Panel Upgrades

When it comes to getting a new electrical panel it’s actually a quite complicated process. But don’t worry! Our qualified technicians are here to help.

Here’s a general overview of what to expect during a typical electrical panel upgrade:

  1. First and foremost we will have the most important conversation of this entire process. We’ll assess the current issues that may be affecting your property right now to determine how much power demand is needed for your property. And, of course, any plans for new appliances and power demand you may have in the future. So you don’t have to upgrade the panel again.
  2. From that conversation, your assigned electrician will determine the size of the new panel and the number of circuits that will be installed.
  3. They’ll work with the utility company to acquire any necessary permits for the job.
  4. Any new circuits will be installed by the electrician, and your panel will be replaced or updated.
  5. An electrical inspection of the panel is completed to make sure everything was done correctly.
  6. Done!

How Much Does A 200 AMP Electrical Panel Upgrade Cost?

A new 200 amp panel is an important investment for your home’s electric system. The cost of upgrading will depend on several factors including the size and type (underground or overhead) as well as how many floors your property has among other things. We recommend discussing this matter directly with one of our qualified team members so that we can help you determine exactly what kind of upgrade might work best!

Since it can be difficult to know how much it’s going to cost you without this information. The best solution is getting a free quote. You can call and get an estimate from us! We offer no strings attached pricing. We will match the best panel that your home needs to the electrical demand you require.

Why Use Two Brothers Electrical?

If you are looking for an electrical panel upgrade, we can help. We have the knowledge and 20 years’ experience to get your residential or commercial electric system up-to-date with our services in a timely manner. We offer proper electrical installation services provided by qualified professionals. Call us today if you need more information about how we can provide this service for you!

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