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Commercial Electrical Services

It is no secret that the majority of workplaces today rely on electricity. It is important to consider that the electrical requirements for a commercial building are often more complicated than those for a residential building, making a commercial electrician an essential component of a business.

Electrical services provided by a commercial electrician typically cover a full range of needs, from equipment to interconnectivity to keeping your premises secure and more. This will not only ensure your electrical services and systems are fully functioning and compliant with health and safety regulations, but it will also contribute to a positive working environment for both your employees and any visitors. Hence, selecting a reliable commercial electrician is crucial.


Our Commercial Electrical Service

Whether you need electrical repair for a retail store, an office or a large retail establishment, Two Brothers Electrical will design and install the electrical services with no compromises and with minimal disruption. We have established ourselves as one of the top electrical professionals in Long Island, offering the following services.

Commercial Lighting Installations

When you need commercial electrical equipment installed, call Two Brothers Electrical! Ensure that your commercial electrical equipment is running at its optimum performance and complies with local codes. We have licensed electricians that are ready to design and install a custom, new lighting system for your business. At Two Brothers Electrical we offer the following lighting services:

  • Warehouse lighting
  • Parking lot lighting
  • Dedicated circuitry
  • Office lighting
  • Emergency lights
  • Exit signs
  • And many more!

Commercial Electrical Repairs

We have highly skilled electricians who are able to diagnose and troubleshoot any electrical problem you may be experiencing quickly. Among the problems we can handle are:

  • Interior/exterior lighting
  • Electrical panels
  • Faulty ceiling fans and HVAC systems
  • Circuit breakers & fuses
  • Light switches & outlets
  • Commercial wiring
  • Malfunctioning LED lights
  • 100+ other issues…

Regardless of the electrical issue you are facing, our commercial electricians will use their comprehensive knowledge and resources to resolve your issue ASAP.

Commercial Electrical Panel Upgrades

As your business expands, technology demands increase, electrical codes change, and the facility ages, upgrading your electrical system becomes increasingly necessary. It will improve both safety and utility of your space if your electrical system is modernized.

Older buildings are often built to handle 60 to 120 amps and have only a handful of circuits. The need for this was not as critical decades ago when consumption was very low. But these days, even small workshops require at least 200 amps. We can ensure that your lighting, electronics, and machinery are supported by updating your wiring and circuit boards to meet contemporary standards.

We deal with standard 200 amps panel upgrades to modernize your electrical panel if the time has come to do so or if it’s needed as you need more power on your commercial premises. All the way up to highly complex and much more powerful panel upgrades that will provide sufficient power to large factory floors using electrical heavy machinery running 24/7.

Commercial Electrical Maintenance

We know how vital it is for your workplace to run smoothly at all times, and we understand the inconvenience that can be caused by even a brief interruption in electricity. We provide all types of electrical maintenance services for commercial establishments to keep your power on and your equipment running.

As a team of service electricians, we possess both the capacity and the resources necessary to provide prompt electrical service. As well, our dedicated service managers can provide you with professional advice to ensure that all your electrical maintenance needs are met.

Commercial Electrical Safety Inspection

Updating and maintaining your circuit boards and wiring is one way to ensure the safety of your electricity. When you overload your power supply with too much demand, you can experience overheating, surges, and power fluctuations. All of these disturbances can cause damage to your electronics, machinery, and other equipment.

Under certain circumstances, they can even cause electrical fires. Allow our technicians to ensure the integrity of your electric system by conducting and inspection. You will receive a thorough report with a detailed breakdown with our findings and recommendations plus our electricians will walk you through the findings and recommendations.

Commercial Energy Audits

Our specialists can perform an energy audit for commercial buildings and spaces at your request. The purpose of an audit is to identify ways to save energy by inspecting your electrical system. Depending on the situation, we can help you slash your utilities bills by 10% to 40%. Depending on how much of these savings a company can achieve, it can mean the difference between a nice savings to a very large monthly reduction on your energy costs.

Commercial Specialty Lighting

Specialty commercial lighting options are usually designed for a specific purpose. As an example, some lamps may be used to develop photographs or sterilize medical equipment. Electrical services are often required for these specialized lighting solutions, and we are able to provide them.

Additionally, specialty lighting can be used solely for decorative purposes. With the expertise of our electricians, we can do the following:

  • Modern/vintage lighting fixtures
  • Drop ceiling lighting fixtures
  • Suspended LED lighting fixtures
  • Exit and emergency lighting fixtures
  • Hospital bed lighting fixtures
  • Commercial refrigeration lighting fixtures
  • Pretty much any other specialized commercial lighting…

Regardless of the type of commercial lighting you require, we have the versatility and adaptability to get the job done correctly.

Commercial Renovation/Remodel and Rewiring

We can take care of all your commercial renovation and remodelling wiring needs. We can assist with everything. From new fixtures to update the lighting in a space or upgrade the outlets as needed so when customers walk through the door they feel relaxed and comfortable.

Moreover, we can provide you with the rewiring of power sources with panel upgrades and even energy audits so your renovation project is running and maximum efficiency, if needed, and other services required to complete your renovation/remodeling project.

Security & Emergency System Installation & Repairs

Security systems are utilized in many commercial buildings as a method of deterring and preventing crime. Even empty commercial properties are susceptible to theft and property damage.

You don’t have to worry; Two Brothers Electrical aims to create a safe environment. Our security and emergency system installations & repairs are designed to protect you, your employees, and your business with reliable security and emergency systems.

Our expertise includes the installation of commercial fire alarm systems, security cameras, smoke detectors, heat detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, and more.

Telephone and Data Wiring

With their ability and experience, our electricians can design and install data, voice and fiber optic network cabling. As part of the process, our installers will provide you with the highest standard of service and will strive to exceed your expectations every step of the way.

Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Cable Installation
  • Fiber Optic Cable Installation
  • Wire Management
  • Cross Connections
  • 66 Block Termination
  • Patch Panel & Jack Termination
  • 110 Block Termination
  • Testing
  • Certification

Surge Protection & Grounding Installations & Repairs

Surge Protectors help control disruptive voltage fluctuations that can travel into sensitive electronics, lights, elevators or any other electrical device within the building’s infrastructure. You should ensure that your machinery is protected from this kind of threat by utilizing surge protectors. This ensures the safety of all persons operating equipment connected to this system, including employees and customers. We can install whole building surge protection and individual surge protection for specific equipment. As a result of our extensive training, our highly qualified team knows how to find and install grounding systems so that all equipment is grounded properly. Our team can also make recommendations as to the best grounding system for your needs. This will minimize any disruptions to your business because it ensures optimal performance from your electrical system while providing workers with a safe atmosphere. Aside from that, we also have the following specialized services
  • Switch gears
  • Underground conduit and wiring
  • Branch circuit power wiring
  • Overhead and underground power distribution
  • Backup generators
  • Correction of code violations

Why Two Brothers Electrical?

Our aim is to create a commercial electrical system that ensures safety and energy efficiency. A well-maintained electrical system is sure to avoid any work-related electrical interruptions that you can control. If you choose to work with us, you’ll receive top-quality commercial electrical services at competitive prices.

In other words, whether you need emergency electrical repairs, upgrades, or installation in a new commercial building or an existing property, Two Brothers Electrical is able to handle all of your electrical requirements. Even if you need a residential electrician.

Our company has been providing electrical services for over 20 years. In addition, we are capable of working in any type of commercial facility or industry, fully equipped with proven tools and techniques. You can be confident that your business is properly wired and will meet local electrical codes. Contact us today!

We provide our electrical services to Long Island and the five boroughs. Click through to read more about each location.

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