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Electrical problems can happen in an instant. Unfortunately, you may not know there’s an issue until a fuse blows or the breaker trips. It could be from a faulty electrical system installation or lack of maintenance. It could be something major or it could be something minor. The only thing running through your head is “how do I get the power back on?”.

We offer affordable and effective electrical repair services for your home. Our industry-trained electricians follow strict safety standards that protect you, as well as the integrity of our equipment in order to deliver on all promises made during installation or repairs from start to finish!

At the Two Brothers Electrical Company we have years upon years’ worth of experience with electrical repair. We will identify the problem. Offer you a solution to get the electrical system in your home back up and running in record time!

Circuit Breaker Repair

If you have an issue with your electricity, it’s important to start by checking the circuit breaker. This is a very critical component in managing and using power effectively—so if something goes wrong here there could be big trouble! Our team can take care of repairs quickly.

Faulty Interior and Exterior Wiring Repair

A properly functioning electrical system is a home owner’s dream. In some cases, however, this may not be the case because they were taken for granted or ignored during the construction of their new house. Or over time the wiring system simply starts to fail and needs to be repaired. You could have saved money on upfront costs but now you’re left with costly repairs later down the road after faulty wiring has caused issues in your property. Not only can faulty wiring pose an annoying inconvenience by causing short circuits and/or fires; it also poses a serious safety hazard.

Power Outages and Power Surges

Most power outages and surges are not one-time events. If you’re experiencing a long power outage, it’s probable that your whole community is as well! When just my home was hit by an unfortunate event that left you without electricity we can fix the issue. We’ll promptly and safely fix your electrical system so you have power again ASAP.

Generator Repair

You know that feeling when your power goes out and you have no way of cooking dinner for the family? Or worse yet, what if it’s late at night before an important project deadline – how will you get your work done on time? What’s worse is when you’re already running off a generator and the power goes out! Our technicians are skilled and will detect the issue your generator is having quickly so the malfunctions are fixed and you’ve got power again.

Ceiling Fan Repair

When your ceiling fan malfunctions, it can be an inconvenience. However, you don’t have to worry as we can get that fan working for you again. Our team can handle all your ceiling fan repairs, whether it’s an issue with the motor or another part of the device. We can even install a new ceiling fan.

Electrical Switches and Outlet Repair

There’s nothing more annoying than when you lose power to an outlet in your home and the problem is not immediately evident. It’s also very dangerous to have a malfunctioning outlet! Fortunately, we can diagnose problems like this with ease! Whether it’s a switch that needs to be replaced or just wiring that needs to be tweaked, our team will have your outlet working again before you know it.

Smoke Detector Repair

When your smoke detector malfunctions, it’s important to get it fixed immediately. Smoke detectors help avoid home fires and save lives. When your smoke detector detects a fire, you need that alarm to work properly. The last thing you want is a malfunctioning smoke detector.

Fault Location and Repair

When you have faulty electrical problems, it could be just one major problem or a combination of several minor ones. When there’s a single event that causes an outage, we can diagnose the problem right away and get your power back on in no time. If it’s a series of issues, however, we will spend some time diagnosing the source of your problems. Put on our thinking caps and work our problem-solving skills and still get your power back on as fast as we can.

Lighting Repair

Lighting is the key to a successful space. It adds beauty and functionality. Whether it’s providing adequate light sources indoors in a bedroom or a dining room. Or a more complex lighting system to illuminate your backyard. We can get your home light up just how you want.

We Fix Any Electrical Issue

We fix everything from a dimmer not working to a faulty wiring system to ceiling fan not working to emergency light sensors not triggering. Our team is professional and highly trained to handle any electrical issue that you might have in your home.

We Can Also Fix:

Electrical Buzzing Noises – A high-pitched buzzing noise is generally caused by loose wiring. Have it fixed right away before you have a serious issue on your hands!

Dimming or Flickering House Lights – If there are any house lights that you’re noticing are dimming or flickering, this is a good indicator that the wiring system needs to be fixed.

Aluminum Wiring – Aluminum wiring is an outdated system that has the potential to malfunction. It should be a top priority to get it replaced with a modern and up-to-date wiring system.

Knob-and-Tube Wiring – This is an even older wiring system dating back to 1935. It can be really dangerous for your home. We’ll get to work replacing it with a modern wiring system immediately! Just call us and we can help.

Egress Light Repair – Egress emergency lights are often triggered by motion sensors. If they’re not triggering when you need them to, you need them to be working.

EV Chargers – Do you have an electric vehicle but the charger is no longer working. We can get your EV charger fixed and working again.

How Much Will Electrical Repairs Cost?

We understand that electricity is an essential part of life. When you need accurate and quick electrical repairs, our team at Two Brothers Electrical will be there for you to fulfill your needs. We can repair nearly anything in your home so don’t hesitate to call us!

But, what’s it cost? “How much will it cost to repair XYZ?” is a conversation we have with customers multiple times per day.

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer here.

The type of service you need depends on the individual parts being repaired, as well as what kind of professional tone should come out when they’re finished with their job!

When you’re in the market for electrical repairs such as panel replacement and entire home electrical rewiring, it’s going to be more expensive than replacing a single switch or outlet because of the extensive work involved. Our team will always discuss options before starting any actual projects on your house. We provide open communication about costs.

Is It Safe to Do Your Own Electrical Repairs?

One question we see often is if it’s safe to do your own electrical repairs. There are always risks involved when you’re working with electricity, and this can result in serious injuries or even death! You must work with someone who has the experience, the right training, and licenses to repair the type of problem you’re dealing with. We can’t advocate that you try the DIY option in any manner whatsoever. This is not about getting your business. This is about your safety and wellbeing. Hire a professional!

Why Hire a Highly Trained Electrician to Perform an Electrical Repair

Electrical repair is more than just replacing light switches or checking tripped breakers. It can be a hazardous and dangerous task to do yourself, but if you’re not sure how then there are many reasons why hiring an electrician would make sense for your home improvement project then keep reading.

Safety – Electrical repairs can be dangerous and should only be attempted by professionals. Electrical accidents such as electrocution or electrical fires are a possibility if you don’t know what you’re doing. But they’re avoidable if you have an experienced electrician on site who knows what he’s doing to fix your problem quickly!

Quality Work – A professional electrician from Two Brothers Electrical knows what they’re doing, and we’ll fix your problem the right way, the first time, with the highest quality workmanship.

Do-it-yourselfers may not even know they cut corners when they watch a DIY YouTube video. This can result in more damage, worse problems down the line, and an even bigger headache than before you tried to perform electrical repairs.

Experience – We have over 20 years of experience in the industry and we will fix any electrical problem you can think of. Our work means that not only are you guaranteed 100% satisfaction, but our level of expertise ensures that there is no need to worry about your home or business ever being powerless again!

Communication – Communication is key to any successful repair. We’ll keep you in the loop and discuss changes (if there are any) throughout every step of your electrical system’s restoration process, from start to finish!

Why Hire a Highly Trained Electrician to Perform an Electrical Repair

You can trust that our trained electricians will take care of your electrical needs. Our team is dedicated to providing you with the best service possible, and we are happy to provide consultation for any electrical issues that you have. Our solution will have fair pricing and be carried out safely and in a timely manner. Call today!

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