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How Your Home Electrical System Works Emergency Call – 24/7 (516) 461-4500 How Your Home Electrical System Works It is vital for the operation of your home that you have electricity. When and where we need power, whether to watch TV, for heating and cooling purposes or to charge our cell phones, we depend on … Continue reading "How Your Home Electrical System Works"

Everything You Need To Know About Power Surges Emergency Call – 24/7 (516) 461-4500 Everything You Need To Know About Power Surges What Is A Power Surge Power surges, also called transient voltages, are simply unexpected increases in voltage. When powerful enough, it can damage or even destroy electronic devices in your home. Whenever an … Continue reading "Everything You Need To Know About Power Surges"

Electrical Upgrades for Home Additions Emergency Call – 24/7 (516) 461-4500 Electrical Upgrades for Home Additions Electricity is one of the most critical elements needed in a home. It is very common for homeowners to add on more rooms or even an extra story to their homes. Despite how important it is, a lot of … Continue reading "Electrical Upgrades for Home Additions"

Danger of Electrical Fires

Danger of Electrical Fires Emergency Call – 24/7 (516) 461-4500 The Very Real Danger of Electrical Fires Electricity makes our lives easier, more comfortable, and enjoyable, but it also poses risks. An electrical fire is one type of hazard that comes with the widespread use of electricity. They can cause severe damage to property and … Continue reading "Danger of Electrical Fires"

Replacing an Electrical Ballast Emergency Call – 24/7 (516) 461-4500 Replacing an Electrical Ballast What Are Electrical Ballasts? An electrical ballast is a device that controls the current flow in an electrical circuit. It does this through electromagnetic induction, which means that it uses an electromagnet to control the current flow. This type of device … Continue reading "Replacing an Electrical Ballast"

Why You Should Hire a Licensed Electrician? Emergency Call – 24/7 (516) 461-4500 Why You Should Hire a Licensed Electrician? Would you consider yourself a weekend warrior who fixes everything by yourself? You may find that professional help is a waste of money because you can watch YouTube tutorials and do the work on your … Continue reading "Why You Should Hire a Licensed Electrician?"

LED Lighting Installation

LED Lighting Installation Emergency Call – 24/7 (516) 461-4500 LED Lighting Installation What is LED Lighting? LED stands for light-emitting diode. Unlike fluorescent lights, LED lights use many small components that emit different colors to produce the desired effect. Using semiconductors, electrical current is passed through them to produce photons that release different wavelengths of … Continue reading "LED Lighting Installation"

Home Electrical Inspection

Home Electrical Inspection Emergency Call – 24/7 (516) 461-4500 Home Electrical Inspection In the modern world, it has become necessary for every home to have a good electrical system. This is because electricity plays a major role in our daily lives. From being a source of light to providing entertainment through gadgets and appliances and … Continue reading "Home Electrical Inspection"

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