Huntington Bay Village Office

In the development of a village, there are many projects that come to life. From development plans to progress reports, you will find them all in your local Village Office. In Huntington Bay Village Office, in particular, you can find development plans and progress reports from each development project going on in our area. You can also request copies or view completed development projects with the town clerk’s office.

Huntington Bay Village Office is located along Vineyard Road and is the go-to source for development news and progress in Huntington Bay, NY.

The programs offered by the Village Office are numerous, and the programs that are offered to residents of Huntington Bay are vital. One program is called “The Mayor’s Child Safety Seat Program,” which provides free car seats for children 0-12 years old who live in Huntington Bay and give them easy access to their seat belt upon return from a ride.

Another great resource available through the Village Office is the local tax map. The map gives an idea of how much your property may be worth depending on where it’s located within town boundaries. This valuable information can help you with budgeting or selling your home down the line.

As mentioned earlier, there are many programs available through the Huntington Bay village office including programs for seniors like Meals on Wheels and Tax Information For Seniors.

Other programs include the Huntington Bay Community Emergency Response Team (CERT), which teaches skills to help in emergencies and disasters. The CERT program also offers many classes that teach health, wellness, and safety to residents of Huntington Bay. And for those looking for a job or who need training on their resume, there is an Employment Assistance Program offered through Village Office as well.

There are many other programs that are offered through the village office, including one for sewing. The Sewing Program offers machines and materials at a discounted price to Huntington Bay residents who want to learn how to sew or expand their skills in this area. Huntington Bay is an outstanding place to live thanks in large part because of our amazing village offices which offer so much great programming for all ages throughout town.

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