Crescent Beach

Crescent Beach, located in Huntington Bay, New York, has a rocky shoreline located not too far from Fleets Cove Beach Park. It is a popular family destination for residents and non-residents coming to this area of the state.

Crescent Beach has a day-use area where chairs, tables, portable restrooms are available for public use. There are picnic tables located throughout the park and beach access. Lifeguard stations are on both sides of the bay. The northern station is equipped with a wheelchair lift so all people may have equal access to this beautiful beach area.

The Long Island Rail Road does not run along this beach so waves travel up underneath the boardwalk which provides shelter for anyone who happens to be standing under it during inclement weather or if you don’t feel like tanning that day but still want to enjoy nature at its finest while breathing in the fresh air. The boardwalk also provides a great place to escape the sun and relax for a short time with friends and family or read a book during your lunch break.

The only public access to the beach is located off of Crescent Beach Road and sometimes parking can be difficult during the summer but it’s worth finding space if you can. The beach, although not as big as most on Long Island, has an amazing feel about it that just makes you want to go back every day as it’s nearby residential areas.

The beach is an ideal spot for water sport enthusiasts who enjoy water skiing, canoeing and kayaking anyone that just wants to relax on the shoreline.

Crescent Beach is a prime location for travel lovers looking to travel off the beaten path and explore new surroundings. The beach also accents any home or apartment it may be near so if you are planning on buying or renting this summer this could be the spot you have been looking for all this time.

It is one of those beaches where parents can lay out with their kids during the day but not have to worry about them being out too late because they can’t see into the water at all which makes supervision easier, especially since its surrounded by rocks that are hard to get over to go swimming further down in deep waters.

This beach isn’t crowded even during peak travel times which makes it the perfect spot for one on one time with friends or family members that you see very little of during the year.

The beach also has alternative activity areas for children to enjoy like a playground and swings you want to escape life, relax and enjoy nature with friends and family head over to Crescent Beach in the hamlet of Huntington Bay.

The beach opens in May every year and stays open through the summer to just about the time children return to school in September. The times that the beach is open are the hours of 8 a.m. and 8:30 p.m. Most of the areas at Crescent Beach are patrolled by lifeguards during the hours that the beach is open. Residents may enjoy the beach by purchasing a seasonal or day access pass to Crescent Beach.

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