The neighborhood of Douglaston-Little Neck is located in the northeastern part of Queens. On Long Island’s North Shore, the community is bordered to the east by Great Neck in Nassau County, to the south by Glen Oaks and the North Shore Towers, and to the west by Bayside.

There are two main sections of the neighborhood. Generally, Little Neck refers to the area east of Marathon Parkway and/or north of Northern Boulevard, while Douglaston refers to the rest of the neighborhood; these classifications may overlap depending on how neighborhood boundaries are interpreted. Both Little Neck and Douglaston have several subsections. Unlike many other New York City neighborhoods, Douglaston–Little Neck has a predominantly suburban character, similar to the towns in Nassau County that are nearby, such as Great Neck.

Cross Island Parkway borders Douglaston-Little Neck to the west, Grand Central Parkway to the south, the New York City-Nassau County border to the east, and Little Neck Bay to the north.

Douglaston is considered to be the area located west of Marathon Parkway and north of Grand Central Parkway. There are six distinct neighborhoods in Douglaston, according to The New York Times. North of Northern Boulevard, on the peninsula abutting Little Neck Bay, are Douglas Bay, Douglas Manor, and Douglaston Hill. Located north of the Long Island Rail Road’s Port Washington Branch, Douglas Manor occupies most of the peninsula, whereas Douglaston Hill occupies a small area between Northern Boulevard and the LIRR. Located between Northern Boulevard and Interstate 495 (I-495, the Long Island Expressway), Douglaston Park is an area of the north side of Northern Boulevard. Furthermore, there is an area known as Douglaston and Winchester Estates south of I-495. The Winchester Estates neighborhood lies west of Douglaston Park, and the area south of I-495 doesn’t have a distinct name other than Douglaston.

Little Neck is an area that lies east of Marathon Parkway and north of Grand Central Parkway. There are three subdivisions of Little Neck: Pines, Westmoreland, and Little Neck Hills.

The Port Washington Branch of the Long Island Rail Road serves two stations in Douglaston-Little Neck. 235th Street and 41st Avenue is the address of the Douglaston station, and 39th Road and Little Neck Parkway is the address of the Little Neck station.

Douglaston–Little Neck Coordinates: 40.77°N 73.75°W

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