Epic Escape Rooms LI

Epic Escape Rooms LI in West Hempstead is the premier escape room on Long Island. They offer rooms that are truly immersive experiences, the rooms are filled with puzzles and clues, there are no assistants to help you. You will never be left in darkness or have to feel around for a clue. All of their props are high-quality products that have been tried and tested by hundreds of thousands of puzzle enthusiasts all over the world.

Epic Escape Rooms in West Hempstead, Long Island offers a thrilling & challenging, live escape game in a themed escape room where you & your team must work together to find clues and riddles, solve them & escape the room in 60 Minutes or less. You are locked in a themed adventure and must solve the puzzles to escape.

Epic Escape Rooms LI has rooms for all group sizes and each room is specifically designed to challenge everyone, from novice puzzlers to veteran escape-artists.

“We tested different types of locks and riddles that we later used in our room. We try to make it as difficult as possible but not impossible,” one of the Epic Escape Rooms LI staff stated.

All of the clues are there and the puzzles are solvable, you just need to put your heads together and work fast. Groups with younger children won’t find it too challenging so they’ll enjoy solving the problems instead of getting frustrated.

After a thorough investigation by local police officers and private investigators, Epic Escape Rooms LI made sure only accurate items were stored inside each room so everything was plausible – After all, you’re not going to get very far with a fake gun in a room filled with faux cash.

As if the locks and puzzles weren’t enough, Epic Escape Rooms LI put small surveillance cameras inside each room so players can communicate their thoughts through the TV screens throughout the entire game.

“Each group gets a tablet with a live feed from a camera and microphone installed in the room,” one of the staff members said. “We want people to be able to talk freely instead of yelling – you know what I mean?”

There are currently four different themed escape rooms at Epic Long Island: “Casino Heist”, “Trapped In A Room With a Zombie”, “The Lost Tiki” and “1960’s Speakeasy”. Each room is designed specifically so no two experiences will be alike. Different puzzles and locks are added to each room every three months. Epic Escape Rooms LI wants to make sure that players are constantly challenged, injected with puzzle-solving adrenaline and entertained at the same time.

Each of their rooms is specifically designed to not only give you a challenge but also an immersive experience, filled with surprises. Whether the setting takes you back in time or drops you right into an action-packed scene, there’s no doubt that Epic Long Island will blow your mind. The Casino Heist was even featured on the Travel Channel show “Must See TV”.

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