Shorefront Park

Shorefront Park is located on Smith Street in Patchogue, New York, near the southern end of Rider Avenue. Since 2007, the town has updated the park. Numerous enhancements have been made to the original Bandshell, which was replaced in 2010 with a more contemporary design.

This new site hosted the 2010 Great South Bay music festival while also providing three baseball diamonds, basketball courts, hiking paths, and bleacher stands for community sports events. The park is bordered by thick beach grass and a natural lake, providing stunning views throughout the year.

The Great South Bay Music Festival takes place each year in Patchogue, New York. This event debuted in 2009 and has remained Long Island’s only outdoor music festival. It takes place at Shorefront Park from June 12th-14th and features over 50 bands. One can discover excellent cuisine, vendors, and activities for both children and adults.

This park features several facilities that make it a desirable destination for both residents and visitors. The park’s natural beauty, inexpensive cost, and simple accessibility through public .transit make it a must-see for everyone. Additionally, baseball fields, basketball courts, hiking paths, and bleacher stands are included.

Shorefront Park is an excellent location for sports since it is equipped to host soccer matches, lacrosse competitions, and much more! It can also accommodate wedding groups because of its expansive grounds, which make holding an outside ceremony simple.

Patchogue Village’s lone live music venue is the Patchogue Village Band Shell at Shorefront Park. Numerous well-known musicians have performed there, including The Beach Boys, Glen Miller Orchestra, and Earth Wind & Fire. Numerous activities have been conducted, including concerts, children’s talent shows, and even a zombie walk, which was one of the first zombie walks organized by a small town.

Harvest Fest: A Celebration of Fall is another event held in Shorefront Park North. It offers pumpkin painting, hayrides with horse-drawn carriages, and corn mazes for all ages, even adults. Celebrate the end of summer and the arrival of fall with these fantastic activities.

Numerous events have taken place at Patchogue’s Shorefront Park throughout the years. In 2012, the local rock band Guster gave a free performance to commemorate their 15th year together. The event generated funds for NGOs and charities who work tirelessly on sustainability initiatives such as coastal cleanup projects that are highly supported by the Village of Patchogue.

In 2015, an incredible series of concerts dubbed Rock the Block took place. Interpol performed here, and the park was filled with rock fans.

Another of these unforgettable events occurred in September when Hurricane Sandy wreaked havoc on towns all along New York’s shoreline, as well as in other sections of the country. As soon as it became obvious that some neighborhoods would be inundated without warning or opportunity to escape, residents began flooding into town in search of higher ground at Shorefront Park, which was known to be available.

The day’s second event was a free performance by an all-star band that came together to raise money for Hurricane Sandy relief. The event collected $250,000 in less than two hours and featured performances by Bruce Springsteen and Patti Smith.

The park provided as a haven for those escaping tragedy during Hurricane Sandy and continues to function as a gathering place for the community today. It is here that many youngsters learned how to play ball or Frisbee on this green space that has been turned into Patchogue’s Shorefront Park’s year-round recreation area.

When it’s time to arrange your ideal weekend getaway, consider visiting Shorefront Park.

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