Fire Island National Seashore Headquarters

The Fire Island National Seashore Headquarters is the administrative center for the nationally recognized monument known as Fire Island National Seashore. Established by Congress in 1964, this National Park Service unit presently encompasses more than 50 square miles of beachfront on a barrier island off the coast of Long Island, New York, as well as about two-thirds of Smith Point County Park. The eastern half of the coastline which is more than 20 miles is available to the public; beaches may be accessed through 27 fire lanes or 45 parking spaces.

The headquarters of the Fire Island National Seashore is in Patchogue, New York. Congress established the National Park Service on September 11, 1964, following a lengthy history of grass-roots preservation initiatives. In 1908, the resort known as The Surf Hotel was erected at Fire Island Beach, now Cherry Grove, as part of the area’s first significant development, but it is unclear whether any hotel rooms were built prior to 1910. On June 28, 1934, Congressman John Tague proposed legislation to establish the Fire Island National Park in Patchogue, NY, which would have included the entirety of Great South Bay from Moriches Inlet to Bellport Creek, encompassing both coasts, however, the measure was never enacted.

By 1938, Robert Moses had bought around 10 acres for use as a public park. Congress did not establish Fire Island National Seashore until 1964, with the enactment of Public Law 88-586 on September 11th, 1964, and it has been extended since then by purchase and gift.

The Fire Island National Seashore Headquarters serves as the administrative headquarters for one of New York City’s remaining significant natural areas. The area has over 160 miles of beautiful beaches and is home to 90% federally protected wilderness. After visiting, you’ll understand why it’s nicknamed “Fire Island.”

The Fire Island National Seashore Headquarters in Patchogue, New York serves as a focal location for experiencing nature’s splendor directly through outdoor recreation possibilities ranging from winter bicycling or horseback riding over white sand dunes to year-round fishing.

Fire Island National Seashore, located in the center of Patchogue, New York, is home to over 400 kinds of animals and plants that may be observed across its protected areas. Additionally, it provides an unparalleled chance for tourists to immerse themselves in American history by seeing centuries-old lighthouse systems and abandoned towns from a time before there was an America.

The headquarters offers educational programming on natural resources, guided walks along the beachfront and along the coastal waters during bird migration seasons, and boat tours highlighting mangrove habitats led by nature experts who share their knowledge about these critically important ecosystems that are constantly threatened by development pressures.

The headquarters of the Fire Island National Seashore has been featured in a number of publications, including Travel + Leisure Magazine’s 2013 assessment of “America’s Best Beaches” and National Geographic’s 2013 “Best of Everything” list.

With its protected grounds, this is a highly popular place for residents of Patchogue, New York to enjoy sunsets, wonderful weather, and excellent wildlife-watching possibilities.

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