St. Joseph's College

The Suffolk Campus of St. Joseph’s College is a real community institution. Due to the school’s position on Lake Patchogue, it was easily accessible to the whole Long Island community. The school itself provides several possibilities for its students and the cities in which it is located.

St. Joseph’s College has been established in 1978 and continues to educate students in ways other than academics through its sports programs, clubs, and student groups. The John A. Danzi Athletic Center, which serves as the campus’s recreation/fitness center, is an excellent facility. Students, professors, and staff have access to Olympic-sized competition pools and state-of-the-art exercise centers, as well as an elevated indoor track.

Anybody can participate in a variety of recreational activities as well as sports programs. Athletic fields, dubbed Gregg Alfano Field, are now in use right across from the Danzi Center. If you’re looking to watch soccer, baseball, or softball game, you’ve come to the right place. The school’s superb facilities and athletic activities ensure that there is something for everyone.

Additionally, the Suffolk Site features a lovely and large academic campus in Patchogue, NY that contains the original Victorian-style buildings constructed in 1885. The main structure is named “Arlington Hall” after the location of General Robert E. Lee’s surrender of his Army of Northern Virginia to Ulysses S. Grant on April 12, 1865. This college mansion currently serves as our administrative headquarters for both campuses and has classrooms and faculty office spaces on its two upper levels. Since 1977, the Long Island Landmarks Commission has declared it a historic landmark.

This campus is distinguished by a business technology center. This center’s business technology curriculum is unmatched in the world of education. Additionally, they have state-of-the-art computer laboratories, videoconferencing rooms, and smart classrooms. Students on Long Island have quicker access to everything from computer laboratories to libraries due to the school’s direct connection to the Brooklyn campus.

Suffolk College’s gorgeous Clare Rose Theatre is an excellent incentive to attend. This Playhouse hosts a variety of drama and theatrical classes. Theater courses are taught in their entirety in these classes. It is a great location for students, teachers, and the community to experience theater and stage plays throughout the year.

St. Joseph’s College in Suffolk is located within walking distance of the area of Patchogue Theatre for the Performing Arts. Each year, the theatre offers a variety of performances, including Broadway musicals and concerts by famous musicians. Additionally, it features a restaurant serving Mediterranean cuisine, a bar, and complimentary parking. Along with hosting world-class performances in their main theater, they also offer a smaller theater that may be utilized for rehearsals or film screenings.

Apart from fantastic facilities like the theatre, which brings so much culture to town, there are a variety of other activities available to students at Suffolk Campus during their spare time: eating out, shopping for clothing or books. Additionally, due to its proximity, anyone could drive upstate in about an hour or so.

What Saint Joseph’s College Suffolk Campus has to offer its students and community is unmatched by any other college on Long Island. With access to modern facilities such as the theatre, an on-campus restaurant with vegetarian-friendly menu options, and an expansive campus with plenty of outdoor space to explore, there are numerous reasons why anyone considering colleges should consider Saint Joseph’s College Suffolk Campus as a top choice!

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