Father Tortora Park

Father Tortora Park was one of the numerous attractions of Patchogue Village during the 1950s when it was a busy community. It became a favorite location for many families in the region due to its playground, baseball field, and picnic tables. However, as time passed, the park’s care and maintenance became a source of contention.

By 2010, when Hurricane Sandy made landfall in New York State, Father Tortora Park had devolved into an eyesore, with overgrown weeds engulfing the majority of its structures. Village authorities must now determine what to do with this treasured historic property that has functioned as so much more than a park for so many years.

For almost six years, the park has been closed. The playground and picnic tables have been entirely abandoned, with weeds encroaching on every inch of land and all other buildings collapsing or barely hanging on their last few supports. However, as time passes, more than a fresh coat of paint will be required to return Father Tortora Park to its previous glory days when it was such an integral part of the lives of so many people.

To ensure that this project is finished without setbacks or delays, village authorities will require assistance from state and federal funding organizations that can assist with future maintenance expenses when construction is complete. Additionally, there has to be some sort of long-term planning that includes new amenities, public art, and a park master plan that is more comprehensive than this one project.

Father Tortora Park is an important aspect of Patchogue Village history, has brought joy and happiness to so many people during its prime. It needs some modifications to help return it to its former glory following years of neglect.

The park will soon be renovated and reopened. The new amenities include a playground for children, benches to sit on while enjoying nature or taking a walk with your pet, trees planted along the park’s perimeter, shrubs planted around some of these trees (to help beautify the park), and paths that allow you to travel from one end of the park to the other without losing sight of anything else going on.

Additionally, there are plans to erect an aluminum fence constructed entirely of recycled materials, which is advantageous because this sort of material does not rust or decay over time. At night, there may even be lights added to ensure that those who love parks after dusk feel secure as they explore the various sections.

Father Tortora Park is an excellent destination for family and friends. After being closed for renovation in 2017, the park was entirely restored from the ground up. It has a brand-new playground, basketball courts, picnic area, and dog run. Father Tortora Park is scheduled to reopen on July 18th, 2019, so plan to visit before it’s too late!

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