Knollwood Beach

Knollwood Beach is located just 1.5 miles from Huntington Bay off of Knollwood Road in Huntington Bay, Long Island. The beach offers gorgeous views of Northport Bay. The beach is never crowded, least of all during the off-season. The beach offers different amenities, including beach chairs to rent by the beach attendants for a small fee. During the summertime, there are also concession stands serving ice cream and snacks.

Beachgoers can enjoy activities such as swimming in the Northport Bay, fishing from shore or pier(fishing gear is not provided), playing beach games (volleyball, footballs, Frisbees), and building sandcastles. There is no surfing due to strong winds in the Old Field Point area nearby.

Knollwood Beach bay waters offer a great spot for scuba diving as well. Local dive shops offer scuba lessons and equipment rentals for a small fee. There are always free beach chairs available for anyone who would like to stop by. There are never any lifeguards on duty so be sure to swim at your own risk.

Since the beach is located in a residential area, there is no food or drink vending machines available on the premises. Be sure to pack a picnic dinner with all of your favorite snacks and beverages before going down to Knollwood Beach. If you forget to pack your snacks, there are concession stands that sell ice cream and other treats throughout the summertime.

It is a short walk from the parking lot at Knollwood Beach to the beach itself. There are many amenities, such as restrooms and outdoor showers, located near the parking lot. In addition, there are trash cans available on the premises of the beach for all beachgoers to keep clean. There is an average amount of amenities provided for people who would like to enjoy their time at Knollwood Beach.

Knollwood Beach is a great spot for families who have children or teenagers that bring friends along with them because almost everything is needed for family fun at the beach. In addition, there are no current amenities available for people with physical disabilities but it is still a casual stroll from the car to the ocean.

If you are looking for a beach that is never crowded, has great water activities, and available amenities all in one place – this is the perfect spot.

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