Fleets Cove Beach Park

Fleets Cove Beach Park is a calm family beach off the north shore of Huntington Bay nearby Knollwood Beach. Among the beaches in the area, it is mostly regarded as the best swimming area in comparison to the others like Knollwood Beach, Crescent Beach, and Centerport Beach. It is tucked away in a residential area that can be accessed by Fleets Cove Road.

Fleets Cove Beach Park has a quaint private atmosphere that people enjoy. Families like to go here because it is beautiful and exceptional. Since it is not as overcrowded as other beaches nearby then families feel that they are not in such a crowd. The beautiful scenery and exceptional sand make it a popular beach for people to relax and enjoy the beautiful serenity of nature.

There are beautiful rocks that border the edge of the water. The shore is rocky and has plenty of seashells, it is recommended that people bring their beach shoes when they come down to visit so they can enjoy taking a walk along the crashing waves. The water is beautiful and sparkles under the sun as it glistens down on it like diamonds among a bed of beautiful pink and white rose petals.

Fleets Cove Beach Park is a perfect spot to hang out all summer. In the evening, people can come down to see beautiful sunsets and take pictures of picturesque scenery. It is a beautiful destination for people who want to get away from their busy lives and forget about everything else except enjoying a beautiful day outside in a scenic environment with great company.

Beautiful water crashing against the rocks amidst the shoreline with beautiful rock formations and beautiful scenery make Fleets Cove Beach Park a beautiful place to visit.

The town of Huntington Bay has installed a playground in the area on the land on the south side of the beach. The playground is a great place for children to play. It has slides, swings, and jungle gyms that allow children to have fun while they enjoy their time at the playground. The playground also has different games parents can play with their children there to help occupy them while they are having fun. There are several benches set up around the playground that allows parents an area to sit down at while they watch their kids play in a safe environment so it is nice for families who want to see their children enjoy themselves while not getting too tired playing all day at the playground.

In addition, there are picnic tables situated close by the beach which makes it easy for families to eat lunch while watching out their kids from a distance as they frolic along with the playground.

Fleets Cove Beach Park is the place to go if you’re looking to escape from the hustle and bustle of your busy life. It is a wonderful escape from the everyday stress that comes with living in a fast-paced world. This beach is an escape from everything, an escape from work, school, money problems, and anything else holding you back from enjoying yourself and making memories with your family or friends out on a beautiful day at one of the most scenic beaches around.

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