Gold Star Beach Park

Gold Star Beach Park is an iconic beach in Huntington Bay, New York, the gem of the famous Gold Coast of Long Island. People come from the far corners of the Earth to this beach to watch the nightly submarine races in the summer made famous by DJ Murray the K.

It’s a small and quaint beach located right in Huntington Bay. It’s family-friendly and features a playground and picnic area. The park is very popular during the summer months when people view the submarine races from shore. In October, it’s also a great place to catch a glimpse of migrating monarch butterflies.

Gold Star Beach Park offers a scenic view of the sunset to the west. The views of the boats to the East are just as spectacular to look at as the sun sinks into the horizon. The park, the beach, the old buildings, the view it’s all beautiful, calm, tranquil, a really nice spot for picnics, dogs, family, a date, bird watching, alone or with a company.

Gold Star Beach Park is known for kayaking, scuba diving, swimming, and more. The park itself is clean and well-maintained. Many people are aware of the beauty of this area but don’t realize they can head out to the beach for some time in the sun. It’s also a great place to watch boats, small ships sail by or take part in one of many sports activities available at the park. There are sports organized all year round from April through November.

The Huntington Harbor lighthouse tour leaves from the park, giving visitors the opportunity to climb up to get a view of Long Island Sound. The lighthouse is open year-round, even if it’s closed during the off-season, visitors are still able to take photos from outside.

Fishermen will find a variety of fish including striped bass, bluefish, and flounder. It is a wonderful, warm water fish community that is stocked with trout in the fall. People fishing from shore or kayak have a good chance of landing a few fish. However, keep in mind fishing licenses are required for anyone age 16 and older fishing off a state shoreline.

However, the water is a bit questionable for swimming, especially after a storm. The current can be very strong at times and the water murky. Pollution is a problem, swimming before or after a storm is highly discouraged.

Despite these drawbacks, many people still come to the beach to enjoy swimming with friends and family just as it has been for generations upon generations of Long Islanders. It’s indeed one of those places where people from all walks of life meet and enjoy their time together as one big community. Gold Star Beach Park is often visited by tourists from neighboring towns but it’s also used as a gathering place for families on vacation to meet up with other Long Islanders, knowing they’ll have someplace pleasurable to go swimming on a hot day in the summertime.

Dogs are also allowed at the park to play in the sand. It’s a great place for people who love dogs to take their four-legged friends for a swim or any other outdoor activity they might enjoy doing together.

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