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“We Provide Electrical Installations, Upgrades, Maintenance, And Much More."

Electrical tradesmen who solve your problems in no time!

You’re aware it’s quite hard to get good service. Oftentimes, you are left waiting in vain for a service call that never arrives or comes late as a result of “the truck breaking down”.
Very poor work. Parts are not available. Every time there’s a new issue after another issue, after another issue. Two Brothers Electrical represents the complete opposite! We want you to tell your friends how much you enjoyed working with us! You can rely on us to surpass your expectations every time.
We strive to make you happy. Simply put you’ll be very glad you picked Two Brothers Electrical. But, it’s not us who you should trust. This is how our customers feel. You can ask any of them!
Since the middle of 2001, we have been providing the highest quality electrical contracting services. We can do various electrical work from simple wiring to electrical repairs, lighting installations, commercial and industrial work, electrical panel repairs, etc. You can count on us for anything and everything you need. All for a fair price and with excellent customer service. Our company covers all West Bronx plus the surrounding areas.

Electrical contractor services West Bronx

What We Provide

Whether it is for your business, home or industrial premises, we provide electrical installations to fit your needs. Installing a simple to a very complex electrical system.

electric service and maintenance

Two Brothers Electrical has the professionals you need to handle any kind of electrical service or maintenance. Commercial & residential.
Electrical safety assessments
We offer impeccable safety assessment services for both commercial and residential properties. Our adept and skilled electricians are the best in the industry.
security systems
Is your home or business in need of more security? Let us help you integrate a state-of-the-art security system into your home or business.
switchboard upgrades
We do accurate installation and upgrades of switchboards. The upgrade of electrical switchboards is a skill we have mastered.
panel upgrades
Are you in need of an electrical panel upgrade? We will help you install and wire up your new panel as fast as possible.

If It's Electricity-Based, We’ll Help!

GFI/GFCI electrical outlets

grounding electrical service

Smoke detector installation

electrical troubleshooting

Knob-and-tube wiring replacement

cloth insulated - wiring replacement

Light fixture installation

landscaping lighting service

interior lighting

Outdoor & Security lighting

Recessed light

flush lighting

LED lighting

Pendant light

Surge protector

Ceiling fan installation

outlet installation

Full home Electrical wiring

Circuit breaker installation



What Customers Think About Us

Our service has been provided to thousands of West Bronx homes and businesses for many years. These are some of the comments our customers have made about us.


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Electrical Wiring And Re-Wiring Experts

Two Brothers Electrcial can help
with simple and complex wiring
and re-wiring projects.

Whole House Generator Installation & Maintenance

Two Brothers Electrcial can help
install and maintain various types
of generators for your home.

Electrical Panel Installs & Upgrades

Two Brothers Electrcial can help
install or upgrade an electrical
panel for your home or business.

How Can We Assist in West Bronx?

If It's Electricity-Based, We’re Here To Help!

Two Brothers Electrical Pricing Structure and Policy

Our Prices

As far as pricing is concerned, we believe ours is fair. If you need proof, ask any of the repeat customers we have served since we opened in the early 2000s. So how much are we going to charge? Well, that’s not something we can list on our website. Due to the fact that every job is unique. From simple lighting installations to custom and complex commercial wiring for a large project. You are more than welcome to call us on (917) 730-2499 for a free quote, and one of our friendly representatives will be happy to assist you.


We proudly serve West Bronx, New York in Bronx county.



Quick Service - Emergency Call - 24/7

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