Equity Playground

Equity Playground is a decent-sized park in Woodhaven, Queens, NY. It is close to the center of this neighborhood in New York City, which was once home to many forests and ponds where Native Americans hunted game. Many people visit the park to play basketball on one of the courts or volleyball on two other courts. Others park their bikes along the park’s metal fence and play 1-on-1 with friends.

The park is surrounded by ample trees providing enough shade to park your bike or when you want to relax on the bench. Around the corner, there is a long line of trees that look like they are in need of some trimming. Across the street from these trees, are residential and commercial areas with parking spaces.

The park has other amenities like a water fountain and bathrooms along with benches, tables, and small grassy areas to sit down on. It has playground structures for kids that should be replaced soon because they are getting old. There is also plenty of green space for sports activities like soccer or football plus other park games like bocce ball. The park closes at dusk so no one can stay after dark without risking being locked inside. However, this park is open during the day which makes it convenient for neighbors playing outside together with their children or pets running around chasing each other.

Additional park amenities could include an ice cream truck or park vendor selling snacks during the summer, more trash cans so there is no overflow garbage lying around, and better lighting which would attract less sketchy activity at night. The added lighting would also increase safety in case someone or something should be vandalized overnight.

Equity Playground’s playground area has not been expanded since the park’s opening in 2001 and it will soon be too small to support park activity. During the summer, there are plenty of children playing, running, and swinging on the playground equipment. The sand areas under one slide could use a refill because there is hardly any sand left inside these pits after park usage during the year.

Even though this park has some issues that need to be tended to soon, you can still enjoy most outdoor activities like exercising by running or playing sports with friends and family in a park setting with trees and grassy areas all around you.

The park is not the most beautiful park in Woodhaven, Queens, but it does provide lots of outdoor activities for neighborhood children including other neighborhood families who walk by on their way to the grocery store. Equity Playground Park in Woodhaven, Queens is a casual park that provides amenities for people to enjoy and play and not the most thrilling park but it’s worth checking out.

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