Cornwell Avenue Playground

Cornwell Avenue Playground in West Hempstead, New York is a good children’s park because there is a large playground with many features and things to do. It has a merry-go-round, slides, and swings. The play equipment is well maintained because workers come daily to make sure it is safe and clean for children. There are trees all around the park and benches to sit on while watching your children play because you cannot always play yourself.

There is a lot of open space for running around outside the playground area. There are two pavilions, one with picnic tables and one without, where you can have picnics or barbeques if you want. There are also many fields that kids like to play soccer on. If you bring your dog they can run free. People often fish off the dock because there are catfish, bass, sunfish, and eel hound fish too. It’s fun for children to watch them jump out of the water. If you don’t have kids then this park has something for everyone including yourself because there are many activities for you to do.

Cornwell Avenue Playground in West Hempstead is clean and safe but there are never any officers around so it’s not the safest park. Sometimes bad kids hang around the playground equipment after school, but mostly they stay outside of the fence surrounding it or they just go home. There are no bathrooms except at the nearby gas station which closes early in the evening, so don’t expect them to be open late.

There is a water fountain with clear water that tastes like chlorine because they use city water. If you want your children to play without having to watch them every hour this park is perfect for you; it’s also great if you want some privacy because there are trees everywhere blocking anyone from outside.

It’s a park meant for fun, not really for learning anything. So if you want your children to learn about the environment or how to read the playground isn’t the best place because it has no educational materials at all.

Although this is a great park with lots of things to do and features, there are many safety issues that come along with it such as broken slides, swings that don’t work, and very deep sandboxes (including sharp rocks below sand). If you have a child under 7 avoid the sandbox because they could cut their hands and feet on the rocks and metal sticking out from underneath.

The best time to go is probably in the early morning before people start showing up so you can take advantage of all the equipment, or in the evening before it gets dark because there are not a lot of lights. If you have a flashlight that is always helpful too.

Overall Cornwell Avenue Playground is a great children’s park with lots to do and fun things, just be cautious of all the safety hazards along the way!

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