Saint Martha’s Catholic Church

Saint Martha’s Catholic Church in Uniondale, New York is also known as Saint Martha’s for short, is a focal point in the community. It was founded by Father Michael O’Brien on November 16th, 1853. The history of this church has roots that go back to the 1800s with Father Francis Xavier Pierz who was responsible for bringing Catholicism to Hempstead. Over time it has grown into an active religious center where members of the community come together and share their faith through prayer and song.

The church is also a place where the community can come together to celebrate weddings, baptisms, and other special occasions. Saint Martha’s Catholic Church is a vital part of the Uniondale community and plays an important role in bringing people together.

Saint Martha’s Catholic Church is one of the founding churches in Uniondale and still stands to this day. The building has a very modern look after going through multiple renovations throughout its history. It was originally built in the early 1900s and has seen multiple updates since then. The history of this church goes back to 1853 when it was founded by Father Michael O’Brien on November 16th. It became an official parish in 1903, after years of being a mission chapel for Saint Peter’s Church located in South Uniondale. Not only is Saint Martha’s Catholic Church active within its community but also throughout other areas around Hempstead too.

Today you can find many different activities taking place at Saint Martha’s that are open to everyone who wants to join like daily mass times or bible study classes. You can also participate or volunteer in various community outreach events like food drives, volunteering at St. Vincent de Paul Society, or hosting special events that benefit the community. Saint Martha’s Catholic Church is one of many churches in Uniondale but it stands out to be different than most because its history goes back further than any other place of worship within this town and has truly become an important focal point for those looking to strengthen their faith as well as share it with others around them.

The church is heavily involved in fundraising events in the community that help raise money for various causes. The church has many different outreach programs too where they can provide support during difficult times by donating clothes or raising awareness about certain issues, such as human trafficking which was brought up at Saint Martha’s Catholic Church last year with guest speaker Jane Wells who wrote the book “The Slave Across the Street” along with producing an upcoming film based on her story called “Nefarious: Merchant of Souls”.

Saint Martha’s holds daily mass services every morning starting at 6:30 am until 8:30 am and then again at 6 pm until 8:30 pm. You can usually find a mass going on any given day of the week around these hours, but you might want to check their website for updated times before traveling out there if you’re attending an event or service. The church hosts special events throughout the year like weddings, baptisms, funerals, first communions, etc.

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