Uniondale Public Library

Uniondale Public Library on the corner of Webster Avenue and Newport Road has been serving Nassau residents in Uniondale, Nassau County, New York. It has often been the recipient of positive feedback among the people that frequent the place. However, library officials don’t think that it’s enough. They have been thinking of more ways to make library-goers more comfortable and happy.

“We want people to feel happy and at home here,” library director Sonya Yancey said. “And if a kid sees a book he likes, we hope his parents would see what interests him and get it for him.”

Uniondale Public Library is regarded to be the most complete library. They have a variety of up-to-date reading materials from novels to educational books. They not only have books but they also have DVDs, Comics, Ebooks, and audiobooks in their collection. On top of that, they are very well organized making it for patrons to easily find the books they are looking for.

To do this library officials look into making small upgrades within their library so as not to alter the way library-goers use the place now but rather improve on its aesthetic value such as adding new items such as comfortable seating areas, new books, and displays among others.

The library is also planning to revamp its computer area by upgrading the older desktop computers to a current one. A library official says that the library has its very own library website which they are hoping to make even better by revamping it to match the library’s theme of comfort and ease among library-goers.

Library officials also plan on changing some library policies such as shifting the library’s front door entrance to the right side instead of the left side, allowing more people in at a time, and giving out free sodas during kids’ storytime sessions. For their planned policy changes, library officials have already done meetings with community leaders so as not to startle regular patrons who might find the new policies being implemented uncomfortable at first but once these patrons come around they will receive them well too.

“The library, even in its current state, is already one of the best ones out here in Uniondale or even Long Island,” one of the patrons commented.

“Very comfortable reading environment with a wide variety of reading material. Adequate computers are available to the public. A cafe is also in the house. There are a variety of programs for all,” said Shridath Patandin, a regular in Uniondale Public Library.

Yes, you read that right! It also has a cafe inside the library. They have a variety of options too such as coffee and tea, snacks, and sandwiches. The library makes it easy for library-goers to find the items they want because all they have to do is place their orders with library staff inside the library cafe which they will be ready after five minutes so library-goers can either wait or head straight to the computer area and play games there depending on what kind of mood you’re in.

Safety-wise, Uniondale Public Library has an inside security guard who patrols the library every hour on the hour. The library also has a camera system installed on its property so library staff can keep an eye out for what goes on around the library while they are busy attending to patrons’ needs at their desks or helping them find books they want to read or reference materials needed for work and school.

Library officials also think of modernizing their current library holdings by bringing out ebooks that people who use iPhones and iPads would prefer instead of physical books which takes up more space than needed.

Finally, library officials plan on making use of social media like Facebook and Twitter to keep library patrons and the community on the latest update.

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