Hallockville Museum Farm

The Hallockville Museum Farm in Riverhead is a great place to bring the kids. Hallockville Museum Farm is a nonprofit organization listed on the National Register of Historic Places and a Riverhead Town Landmark. Visit this historic site and learn about Long Island’s agricultural history. You can visit farm animals, try your hand at old-fashioned crafts, and visit annual events like the Fleece and Fiber Fair and the Craft Show.

Hallockville Museum Farm is a mission-driven organization whose programs, museum tours, workshops, fairs, and festivals throughout the year preserve and interpret 200 years of agricultural traditions and history in the area. You can enjoy a picnic on the expansive grounds of Hallockville, which is celebrating its 35th anniversary this year. There are 500 acres of farmland surrounding the grounds, as well as the nearby Hallock Pond and Preserve.

The Hallock Homestead, the property’s crown jewel and 250th-anniversary celebration, is the first stop on a tour of the Hallockville Museum Farm. Built in 1765, the Hallock Homestead comprises the original Hallock family home, as well as supporting buildings, such as a smokehouse, a hog pen, and the outhouse, where the original owners lived and farmed during the 18th century. Visitors of all ages can marvel at the relics left behind by families from the farm’s storied past on a tour of the homestead, available May through December.

Meet Hallockville’s friendly farm animals at the farmhouse or explore the museum’s popular transportation exhibit, which exhibits carriages, sleighs, and surreys that were used by the citizens of North Fork hundreds of years ago.

During the off-season, visitors can take a walk around the farm or take a picnic on the farm’s apple orchard to take in the sights and sounds of the farm. Visit the museum’s community garden or take a workshop on quilting, woodworking, or any of the many other skills and folk crafts available.

Hallockville Museum Farm hosts a number of festivals and special events every year.

Two days of unique demonstrations and hands-on learning await the whole family at Long’s Island’s Fleece and Fiber Fair in mid-May. In addition to seeing sheep-shearing and spinning yarn, visitors can also see weaving, dyeing and wool-dying. Kids can engage in craft demonstrations, interact with animals, such as llamas and angora rabbits, and attend a special show featuring llamas. The Fiber Market will feature local artisans selling their handmade products, and there will be several local food vendors selling lunch items. Children can have an opportunity to experience the folk arts of their community by attending the fiber fair. Midtown Manhattan residents can take the farm’s round-trip transport to the fair if they live in the city.

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