Queens Public Library at Woodhaven

Queens Public Library at Woodhaven is a community staple dedicated to supporting the community needs and this time they are on the receiving end of the same support as the City council has granted the library major funding for renovation. Councilman Eric Ulrich announced that the Woodhaven branch of the Queens Public Library at Woodhaven will receive major funding for a big renovation.

Over $25 million will be spent on the project, with some funds coming from the budget for New York City in 2022. A new children’s room, a new teen room, and an adult reading room will be added as part of the reconstruction. The library will also become more accessible by adding automatic doors, new elevators, restrooms, and ramps.

The original dimensions of the windows will be maintained in the renovation of the exterior. There will also be a new roofing system installed and additional masonry work. As the last Carnegie Library in Queens, it opened its doors in 1924.

“Libraries serve everybody — old and young, rich and poor,” Ulrich said. “They’re part of the fabric of our communities. They bring people together. That’s why I thought it was so important to ensure that my last budget as a Council member included a major upgrade to the Woodhaven branch of Queens.”
Corey Johnson, who secured another $4.1 million for the project, thanked Ulrich for his support. Also, Queens Borough President Donovan Richards secured $1.5 million for the project.

Ulrich was joined by several Queen’s representatives during his announcement, including Assemblywoman Jenifer Rajkumar.

“As the first elected official from Woodhaven in a generation, I am grateful for this much-needed infusion of capital funds into the Queens Public Library at Woodhaven,” Rajkumar said. “The new children’s room and the teen room will foster a lifelong love of reading in the youth of Woodhaven. The complete renovation of the library will create a supportive space for job seekers and entrepreneurs.” Rajkumar continued and said libraries are a critical part of every neighborhood.

“Libraries are as much a part of our city’s infrastructure as any street or subway, and today our elected officials recognize this with an unprecedented amount of capital funding for our beloved community library,” Rajkumar said.

“With renovation, comes opportunity—opportunity for our residents to learn new skills; opportunity for entrepreneurs to launch their businesses; and, most importantly, the opportunity for all of our children to discover that reading can take them on fantastic journeys outside of the four walls that surround them.”

Library renovation is expected to start this year with plans to reopen the library in mid-2022. A renovation of this magnitude is expected to bring at least 100 jobs to the city.

The renovation plans are expected to be available for viewing online soon so people can follow the renovation process. The renovation will also have a “Friends of Woodhaven Library” group dedicated to helping out with reopening costs and any other needs that arise during the renovation process. The renovation is a great victory for the community and residents, especially kids in the community. The new features will allow anyone in the area to take advantage of a place that was once just a library into a true center of activity.

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