Huntington Yacht Club

The Huntington Yacht Club in Huntington Bay off to the west coast is one of the only yacht clubs on Long Island Sound for those boaters who prefer the club experience with the convenience of a dock at their boathouse.

The Huntington Yacht Club is a boater’s and tourist’s boating destination to enjoy the tranquil waters of the Long Island Sound, an arm of water between Long Island and Connecticut. Though not as popular as boating destinations like The Hamptons on the East End or Montauk on the South Fork, boaters find that they can go for days without running into boaters from other clubs in this stretch of water south of New York City known as Long Island Sound.

Huntington Yacht Club allows boaters easy access to both Shelter Island at its end and Greenwich Harbor before it with no bridges in between which makes it close enough to be called local but far enough away that boaters feel like they are part of the boating destination community.

The boaters at The Huntington Yacht Club can be tour boaters finding their way to the popular tourist town of Greenwhich, New York, or boaters who may decide they’d like to stop for lunch in one of the area’s quaint villages like Cold Spring Harbor before returning back to Shelter Island across Long Island Sound by crossing through Huntington Bay.

From the moment you drive into the parking lot, the view is beautiful and the feeling is peaceful. Once you walk inside, the people who work there are extremely courteous and helpful, which is a pleasure because most places don’t do that anymore. The view wherever you go within the Yacht Club is open and gives a very spacious feel because of the wall-to-wall window view. They have many boating necessities (such as boating shoes) available for purchase, and the restaurant has very good food.

The amenities are all very good. There are many restrooms on each floor of the building, two bars (including one outdoor), Svedka Vodka at the bar, valet parking, food available for purchase, etc. There are four restaurants/bars within The Huntington Yacht Club. There is also an outside area available to dine at that has excellent views of Long Island Sound. This area almost always has free live music playing during dinner hours which adds to the experience greatly.

If boating is your thing on Long Island Sound, then Huntington Yacht Club in Huntington Bay should be a destination you add to your list of places to visit while enjoying boating here way out on the west end of Long Island.

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