Chamber of Horrors

What are you waiting for? Get ready to be haunted! There’s something scarier and bigger than ever this year at the Hauppauge Chamber of Horrors! Chamber of Horrors is the largest indoor haunted attraction in the region, attracting horror enthusiasts from Long Island to the five Burroughs. A talented group of more than 50 professional actors dressed in full costume and makeup will perform for the 2019 season and it is sure to be the best yet.

With Three New Attractions, Three New Characters, Three New Scares, as well as a Few New Surprises, It’s Chamber’s Trilogy of Fear will keep you on your toes all day long! In Silent Evil, there is a serial killer named Monty Arbuckle, who runs a magic shop and keeps a life-sized dollhouse in his basement. You have the option of taking a walk through Malevolence—a place where Nora Scarleton vows to avenge anyone who enters her church and makes it through the woods alive. As you play Cold Blood, creepy creatures are searching for food and you’re all that they have, so don’t get buried alive in a terrifying snowstorm indoors!

The Chamber’s opening live stage show, ominously titled The Board Room, will be screened on a giant movie screen. Each haunted house will be explained through an interactive experience that explains the backstory and characters behind it. There are gory visuals, dark humour, intense audio, live actors, special effects and more in the show!

Since its inception nearly 20 years ago in Hauppauge, Chamber of Horrors has been one of Long Island’s most popular indoor haunted attractions! Haunted houses and scare themes have become some of the most popular ways to celebrate Halloween, according to Matt Guiliano, longtime owner and MC at the haunt.

“We’re taking our attractions to a whole new level this year,” Guiliano said. “Our attendance last year reached record heights and we expect to surpass those figures this year. We are appreciative of all of our loyal fans who support us, and that’s one of the reasons why we change our attraction and theme each year.”

After every Halloween season, the show’s crew immediately begins planning and preparing for the following year. Building a haunt can take over eight months, including setting up the walls for the layout and creating the maze, as well as painting, installing trapdoors and installing automated scares. Robert J. Frankenberg, Creative Director and General Manager, spends most of the year searching for new scare props and ghoulish treasures to make every year even scarier than the last. “This is unlike anything on Long Island. Everyone is going to be blown away.”

Chamber of Horrors is owned, built, and staffed by Halloween industry veterans and is located inside Matt Guiliano’s Play Like a Pro baseball training facility. For fans, every performance is carefully designed to create a scream-inducing experience. “We have over 50 actors who are ready to play characters long before we open our doors for the evening,” explained Guiliano. “We have the best makeup artists in the area, making it look extremely realistic, giving our patrons an experience unlike any other haunted house in the area.”

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