Geiger Park

Geiger Park is a small piece of land located on Long Island in Deer Park, New York. Despite its size, Geiger Park is home to many species of wildlife and plant life. The park can be found between Long Island Avenue and Grand Boulevard, located directly across from the public library. The park consists of a wide-open, grassy field surrounded by woods with a small stream nearby. It is suitable for picnicking, family events, sports games, and dog walking.

Geiger Park has been around since 1951 when the hamlet of Deer Park purchased small pockets of land to use as community parks. When first established, George Geiger helped pay for this park to be made accessible to everyone in the community. He wanted his family’s money that was used to create these parks back into the communities. And so he donated the money to have a park named after him. Even though there are no longer any family members living, his spirit lives on in Geiger Park.

Every fall the residents of Deer Park come together for an annual food festival called Taste of Deer Park, located directly next to Geiger Park. It’s a time when people can sample different types of cuisine and beer while socializing with their neighbors and local business owners. The event has evolved over the years, originally starting as a fundraiser dinner for kids to go see Santa Claus, but now it has turned into one of the most popular events that take place throughout Long Island during the autumn months.

The grassy field of GeigeryPark is commonly used for soccer and football games. A large group of people will come together to play a match or two on the weekends. However, like most parks that aren’t completely enclosed by fences, there is always a chance an animal might wander up onto the field which makes playing games impossible until they leave.

Geiger Park has a dedicated parking lot off of W 23rd Street, but public parking is also available along the streets nearby. Dogs are allowed in this park as long as their owners pick up after them. Geiger Park has various tables throughout its grassy area that may be used by visitors to enjoy their lunch or have a picnic on a nice day.

Carlls River from Belmont Lake flows in Geiger Park which is an ideal location for fish-viewing. In Geiger Park, visitors can see a lot of different kinds of wildlife such as white-tailed deer, geese and birds. It is common to observe many bird species in this park due to the abundance of insects here. People also come to this park for other recreational activities.

There are various recreational activities that take place at Geiger Park, such as playing soccer or football with friends on the weekends and watching birds while eating lunch at one of its tables. This park is mainly dedicated to everyone who lives on Long Island so they may enjoy nature’s beauty right in their backyard anytime they please.

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