There is no better place on Long Island to enjoy a night out while experiencing your favourite sporting event – and even taking part in it – than Simplay of Hauppauge, NY.

A new ownership group acquired Simplay in June of 2020, three years after the establishment first opened its doors. A graduate of Hofstra University, banker, and partner in the business, Glen Carballo considers himself a Long Islander through-and-through and believes Simplay is an investment he made whose returns have already begun to show.

“When my partner proposed we go into business together, I felt confident that the opportunity was limitless,” Carballo explained.

Simplay is Long Island’s premier indoor sports simulator facility, offering cutting-edge technology that provides a fun and immersive experiences for guests of all ages.

“We have eight sports simulators, which are usually golf simulators…six of them in the main area called Sim Alley,” Carballo said. “We also have two VIP rooms where our guests can host parties for groups of up to eight people, and that comes with its simulator, TV, and waiter or waitress service for food and drinks.”

The business of Simplay is divided into three distinct sectors: its sports simulators, its catering area – which has Studio 180, their main banquet room, and the Infinity Room, which is their secondary banquet room – and its barbeque cantina, which serves some of the best food of noted restaurant chain Dang BBQ.

“What I really felt was so interesting about this particular facility was that it was really one-of-a-kind on Long Island,” Carballo said. “Not only can you have a great bite to eat, or host a really out-of-this-world party, but you also have the ability to have an experience that no other catering hall or restaurant offers.”

Carballo remarked that what really gets people out the door in a world replete with countless applications and curbside delivery services is not only the ability to have some great food but also to have an exceptional experience. A venue like Simplay can accommodate everything from a date night to a night out with your friends to a more formal event like a bar mitzvah, bat mitzvah, sweet 16, or even a wedding.

In addition to golf, Simplay’s sports simulators can offer a variety of other virtual sports that are sure to appeal to sports enthusiasts.

When it comes to Simplay’s sports simulators, golf isn’t the only option; their machines can simulate a wide range of different sports, so when you come to Simplay to play a game, you’re sure to have fun, no matter what you choose. Based on the many enthusiastic responses Simplay has received over the past year, Carballo believes his decision to become a partner in the new ownership team was the right one.

When it comes to the future, if Simplay continues to be a big success, Carballo believes the business could expand to other cities across Long Island.

“If this keeps on the trajectory that it’s been on, I don’t see why we wouldn’t look into other locations,” he said. “These simulators seem to be a part of an industry that is currently rising…we do see competition entering the market, but we welcome it because it brings brand awareness and the ability to have more people exposed to different experiences…the future, as of right now, we feel is very bright.”

You can also host a catered event at Simplay by choosing from two separate rooms; Studio 180, which can accommodate up to 250 guests, or Infinity Room, which can accommodate up to 75 people. As for food, guests can choose from a wide array of menus, including tasty fare from Dang BBQ as well as a wide variety of other options.

Founder and owner Ted Carballo stated that Simplay has enjoyed being a member of the Hauppauge community and has sought to give back by working with numerous community groups.

“We look forward to building our brand recognition in Hauppauge and throughout Long Island,” he said. “Simplay has given me the opportunity to hire people and to be a part of the local economy…it has been a great experience so far, and I look forward to seeing what the future will bring.”

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