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Do you need a Garden City Electrical contractor who is known for showing up at the right time? And a company that has reasonable and fair pricing? With over 20 years on the job experience, we can, and will deal with any Electrical problems you’re needing help with.

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About Us

“We Provide Electrical Installations, Upgrades, Maintenance and more!”

Your Electrical issues resolved by high experienced tradesman! Fast!

You know it is hard to get great service thesedays. You’re either left waiting with an appointment that never shows up or comes late as “the truck broke down”.

Bad work from the contractor. The parts are not on hand. Problem, after problem, after problem. Two Brothers Electrical is the exact opposite! We want you to tell your friends about how awesome your experience was with us! We’re want to outdo your expectations.

When the job is complete you will be extremely happy you picked Two Brothers Electrical. This is how our customers always feel if you speak to them.

Since the middle of 2001 we have been offering the most exceptional electrical contracting services. From basic Electrical wiring and electrical repair, to lighting installation, commercial and industrial work, electrical panel repair and more. We do it all. And it comes at a fair price and a reputable service.

Electrical contractor services Garden City

What We Provide

electrical installation

We provide electrical installations that suit your business, home or industrial premises. From simple to very complex installation.

electric service and maintenance

Do you need to service electrical hardware? Two Brothers Electrical can help. From small home based tasks to ongoing commercial contracts.
Electrical safety assessments
Routine safety assessments are sometimes legally required or just a good idea after a certain amount of time has passed. Get yours booked in!
security systems
We install Security alarm systems. For simple home monitoring or for complex multi-camera alarm systems for a business premises.
switchboard upgrades
Do you get a shock from when plug something in. This is dangerous and it could be time to upgrade the switchboard.
Surge protector
Do you want to protect your entire home from a power surge? It’s possible. It will save your appliances and make your home much safer.

If it's anything to do with Electricity we cover it!

Electrical safety inspection

Ceiling fan installation

Electric generator install

outlet installation

Full home Electrical wiring

Circuit breaker installation

electrical repair

EV Charging station installation

residential Electrician

Surge protector

200 AMP panel upgrades

GFI/GFCI electrical outlets

grounding electrical service

security lighting

Smoke detector installation

electrical troubleshooting

Knob-and-tube wiring replacement

cloth insulated - wiring replacement

commercial Electrician

Light fixture installation

landscaping lighting service

interior lighting

Security lighting

Outdoor Lighting

Recessed light

flush lighting

LED lighting

Pendant light

and more!

We can help with anything listed above and more.


What People Think About Us

After two decades of helping solve all kinds of electrical problems and issues for residents and business owners of Garden City we have a good amount of people who love our service. Why not listen to what they have to say?

Our customers love us!

What Our Customers Say

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Electrical Wiring And Re-Wiring Experts

Two Brothers Electrcial can help
with simple and complex wiring
and re-wiring projects.

Whole House Generator Installation & Maintenance

Two Brothers Electrcial can help
install and maintain various types
of generators for your home.

Electrical Panel Installs & Upgrades

Two Brothers Electrcial can help
install or upgrade an electrical
panel for your home or business.

What do we do?

If it's Electrical, we do it...

Two Brothers Electrical Fair Pricing Policy

Our Pricing

What do we charge? Is our pricing fair? We think so!

We think our pricing to be very fair. Just ask any of our repeat customers that have come back time and time again for their electrical needs since we started in early 2001. So with this reasonable pricing policy what do we charge you? Well, this will depend on the scope of work needed. Sending over an Electrician to your condo to connect a major fixed appliance is different to a quick job for a Ceiling fan install and different again from industrial work. So it’s depends.

We have a team waiting to help 24/7. Ring (516) 570-8999 and the Two Brothers Electrical team will help you with pricing ASAP.

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